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💰Velvet Community Marketplace: Invest, Share, Learn💰

💰Velvet Community Marketplace: Invest, Share, Earn💰

What’s a Community Marketplace?

Great question, Chad. Thanks for asking.
We’re super stoked to be announcing the launch of our Community Marketplace! We’re building a crypto investment hub for all the top crypto giga-brains around the world to come and showcase their ideas and strategies to the universe! Our one-stop-shop will allow users to essentially shop around, pick the brain of & invest alongside crypto's best and brightest!
Follow along with your favorite influencers or discover new gems submitted by community members. We don’t discriminate, may the best strategies win. It’s really as simple as shopping around portfolios from your smartphone or desktop and a click or two later — BAM — you’re invested. Our goal is to not only give you access to some of the best strategies on the market but also the simplest and smoothest user experience out there!

Channel your inner Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, or blaze your own path.

If you’re an influencer, trader or Tesla-level ‘Gigabrain’ you can have a portfolio created for you that you can showcase to the world! If people invest along with you, you can earn a percentage of the fee we charge! The more people invest along with you, the more you can earn! That’s right, you can essentially be your own digital asset manager — pretty cool right?
Now — let’s take a look at the first influencer portfolio we launched! This man is straight out of Middle-Earth and ready to share his thoughts on a few potential crypto gems with you!

Know your Influencer — Interview with Financial Freedom Wizard

Velvet Underground — Welcome back! It’s spooky season, and there’s nothing scarier than attempting to invest in DeFi without the necessary knowledge. Fortunately, Velvet Capital is here to make it as seamless and intuitive as possible for our users.
We are excited to introduce our first Influencer Portfolio with Financial Freedom Wizard. We think leveraging the know-how and audience of relevant influencers enables us to reach a new audience in a unique, decentralized way. You can check out his personalized “Value Plays” portfolio here. Before our Q&A, here’s an overview of his portfolio:
“Value Plays” by Financial Freedom Wizard
Holdings — BNB 21%, ETH 20%, MATIC 19%, ATOM 20%, BiFi 19%, XVS 1%
Binance: BNB (21%)
BNB is the exchange token of the Binance Crypto Exchange. Originally it was launched as an ERC-20 asset on the Ethereum Blockchain but has now moved to the Binance Smart Chain (or BNB Chain). The BNB token gives owners discounted trading fees, can be used for payments, and investing in new ICO’s on the BNB Chain.
Ethereum: ETH (20%)
Second largest Cryptocurrency with a market cap of $160 Billion. ETH is the cryptocurrency that powers the Ethereum network, an open source decentralized computing platform with smart contract functionality (why you can make dApps, DeFi Protocols, and NFT’s). ETH recently underwent “the merge” in September to become a Proof of Stake (PoS) Blockchain.
Polygon: MATIC (19%)
Polygon is a Layer 2 Ethereum Scaling Solution that allows developers to create dApps with low transaction costs and solves the high gas fee problem on the Ethereum Blockchain. MATIC can be staked to earn additional yield and secure the Polygon Network. The current market cap of MATIC is $6.7 Billion.
Cosmos: ATOM (20%)
Atom is the native token of the Cosmos Hub. Also known as the “Internet of Blockchain,” Cosmos is a multi-asset distributed ledger. Current market capitalization is around $4.17 Billion as of writing.
Beefy.Finance: BiFi (19%)
BiFi is the native governance token of Beefy Finance. Beefy Finance is a multi-chain yield optimizer, boasting “the highest APY across 17 chains with safety and efficiency in mind (” Market cap is around $30.1 Million.
Venus: XVS (1%)
XVS is the governance token of the Venus Protocol. Venus Protocol is a money-market and stablecoin protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. Market cap is $73.5 Million.

We caught up with Gandalf to find out what he’s been up to since LOTR:

Q: Tell us a little about yourself?
A: On the financial freedom path. A long-term value investor introduced to Defi in October 2021. Since then I’ve been learning as much as I can in the Crypto space and seeking out long-term value plays.
Q: What got you into DeFi?
A: The concept of owning part of digital businesses and sharing more of the earnings generated than investing in traditional financial assets like stocks.
Q: Why should people invest with your “Value Plays” portfolio?
A: It’s a good way to DCA into some well-regarded crypto assets that could do well over the long term.
Q: Why do you think investors should start building diversified crypto portfolios versus hodling?
A: A diversified portfolio is a sensible approach to investing in Crypto due to the greater volatility than traditional financial markets.
Q: What do you like most about Velvet.Capital?
A: It’s similar to Index investing. It allows regular retail investors that don’t have the free time to research all the different crypto assets out there a responsible way to DCA into the Crypto market.
Q: 🎃 What’s your favorite horror movie?
Nightmare on Elm Street — they don’t make them like that anymore.
Q: 👻 What’s your favorite candy?

Invest in your future in under 90 seconds- it is really that easy!

DeFi is going to allow people to take back control of their assets and create a more fair future where financial freedom will be attainable for all. We’re so excited about this transformation and happy to play our part in it. We hope you join us on this journey. We would love to have you in our community.
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