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Velvet.Capital goes live! DeFi just got a whole lot simpler & safer

Velvet.Capital goes live! DeFi just got a whole lot simpler & safer.

Velvet.Capital is now live on BNB Chain. With our ultra-intuitive interface, anyone can easily create custom crypto portfolios comprising all the best projects on the market — in just a few clicks. Now, anyone can invest like a pro, with Velvet.Capital.

A Tale of a Few Sirs

Sir: What’s that?!?
Other Sir: It’s a bird! It’s a plane!
Other, Other Sir: No — that’s Velvet.Capital!
Other, Other, Other Sir: Who’s Velvet.Capital?
Thanks for asking, Sirs.

We Make DeFi Simpler & Safer — No Matter Who You Are!

Our cross-chain DeFi asset management protocol helps anyone to easily create custom crypto portfolios comprising of all the best projects on the market — in just a few clicks. With our unique yield farming integrations we also offer the opportunity to earn additional yield on the portfolios. Your portfolios can be completely managed on-chain.
Start investing like a pro today
1) For individuals (B2C):
  • We offer a Web3 native app for direct deposit & withdrawal (creation & redemption) of the products
  • We list portfolio-backed tokens on exchanges (DEX & CEX) to create a liquid secondary market
2) For institutions (B2B):
  • We offer SDK/API to allow third party platforms to use the protocol and create their own financial products
  • We provide DeFi-as-a-Service and custom support to traditional Asset Managers, Family Offices and DAO Treasurers

We understand DeFi can be hard & a bit intimidating.

Even professional investors fall victims to concentration risk, chasing options with the highest yield and getting burnt when the price of the underlying asset tanks to zero. And, as we know, a 100% yield on zero is still zero.
But have no fear, Velvet.Capital is here! We’re on a mission to make DeFi simpler, sleeker and safer than ever before. We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We help you diversify across assets, ecosystems & yield farming solutions!

Try us now!

To get started its as simple as visiting, launching our dApp, connecting your wallet, and creating a portfolio!
We have started onboarding users for our V1 and plan to continue to rapidly iterate our product for the remainder of the year — adding features and building out our core functionality. Now users will have access to the BNB ecosystem but we will launch to other chains by year’s end.
Velvet.Capital will operate across chains and ecosystems to deliver you unparalleled access to the entire crypto sector. Early adopters will not be forgotten as we have plenty of planned opportunities for rewards (governance token airdrop, NFT project launching soon, etc) for our OGs.
So join us, be active and let’s build frens! We want all your feedback :)

Why We Do What We Do

At Velvet.Capital, we are passionate about the disruptive and innovative nature of DeFi. The frictionless, trustless, and permissionless characteristics will inevitably reshape finance forever. The legacy financial systems haven’t systematically changed since the industrial revolution, and we see DeFi as the first serious catalyst for change of the legacy tech stack.
As a result, DeFi will revolutionize finance and help restore financial inclusion, opportunity, and fairness to billions of people. Something we are stoked about & firmly committed to playing our part in.
We’re on a mission to bring financial freedom — free of intermediaries and centralized parties — to the next billion crypto users. All while having an eye toward being the # 1 cross-chain platform to manage your digital assets. That’s right, eventually, anything that can be tokenized can be managed on chain with Velvet.Capital.

Company Highlights:

- Binance Labs Most Valuable Builders Program (1 of 11 finalists selected from pool of 650 for Demo Day presenations)
- Over 20k Early Sign-Ups
- Won Silver at the BNB Hackathon for Disruptive DeFi, at Eth NYC Hack we won an Optimism bounty, at Ledger & Starknet Hack we got Gold from Ledger & Empiric Protocol, and at the EthCC Paris Hack, we won a Cronos and Fluence bounties. We’ve also attended EthCC Paris where we presented our project as a part of the EthVC
- Diverse team with strong experience across Tech, Business and Marketing Stacks

The Future is Velvet.Capital.

Our decentralized protocol will grow into a one-stop DeFi platform. As our first product, Velvet.Capital creates crypto portfolios combining modern portfolio theory with yield farming. It’s a two-fold approach that delivers the best results, on one hand, with modern portfolio theory, people get exposure to a diversified set of assets and get benefits of token appreciation. With yield farming, on the other hand, they get additional yield from staking, lending or liquidity provision on each of the assets.
Velvet.Capital can automate your entire crypto portfolio. With a few simple clicks, you can create your own crypto portfolio (think S&P 500 for Crypto) gaining you exposure to a variety of the best tokens without needing to make all the individual trades or do the daunting research necessary to keep up with an everchanging market. We also provide professional investors DeFi-As-A-Service.
If you’re still unconvinced consider how the landscape has evolved in just the last 2 years. We witnessed an unprecedented number of projects gaining traction across the whole Web 3.0 stack, both on the infrastructure side (L1 chains, L2 scaling solutions, etc.) and on the application side (DeFi, Gaming, Media, etc.). Bitcoin dominance dropped to 40% in 2022, and the crypto universe became more fragmented with activity exploding across multiple chains and ecosystems (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Polkadot, etc.).
To capture the upside of this rapidly changing market, it’s not enough to just buy and hold Bitcoin or keep a static basket of several crypto assets. It’s essential to have a dynamic portfolio that consists of assets across different chains and that is dynamically rebalanced to drop “falling” projects and add upcoming “winners”.

Lets build the DeFi future together

DeFi is going to allow people to take back control of their assets and their financial future. Financial freedom will be more attainable for all. And this is just the beginning!
This transformation won’t be easy, but at Velvet.Capital we don’t back down from big problems — we solve them! We’re ready to do our part in bringing DeFi to the mainstream. That’s why we’re focused on building user-friendly solutions that will allow people & institutions to best harness the benefits DeFi has to offer.
But it takes a village! We can’t do this alone. We hope you join us on this journey. We would love to have you part of our community.
Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and join us on Discord &Telegram for more updates! We want to hear from you, don’t be shy.
Until next time,