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DeFi Asset Management w/ Velvet.Capital

DeFi Asset Management w/ Velvet.Capital

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to investing — especially in crypto. Everyone seems to have the perfect opinion and the secret sauce to find the next asset that’s heading to the moon but there aren’t a lot of results out there to back up the ‘moon-talk’. If it sounds too good to be true — it probably is. It’s time to drown out all that noise and channel your inner Jedi and start investing like the whale we both know you are. New to investing or haven’t started yet? All good — like Andy Bernard says in The Office: baby whales are even cuter. At Velvet.Capital we got you covered no matter what your level of expertise. 🐳

Have no fear, the crypto asset management platform of the future is here🦸‍♂️Velvet.Capital’s DeFi platform is going to change the game! You don’t have to spend hours doing confusing due diligence, researching trends and trying to time the market. Don’t get caught overexposed investing in only one or two tokens hoping they moonshot. Forget about navigating confusing interfaces or deciphering super technical jargon. Remove that stress and manage your portfolio & your risk like a professional with our highly intuitive & user-friendly DeFi platform! The results will speak for themselves!
Now you can have all the benefits of a professionally managed crypto portfolio at the tips of your fingers — from smartphone to computer — we got you covered. With Velvet.Capital you can build your very own automated crypto portfolios specifically to your liking with clear parameters tailored to your risk tolerance and investment goals. It’s super easy too. All you need to do is connect your Metamask wallet, log in and you’re good to go! Forget about all the middlemen! Just you and your assets.

Better yet you’ll enjoy higher yields because Velvet.Capital employs yield farming and modern portfolio theory (diversified portfolio which removes the single (or highly correlated) asset risk that can plague many investors) in all portfolios. We also take advantage of yield farming, which is a unique strength of crypto and is a great way to pump up your returns by safely lending, borrowing or staking crypto on a DeFi platform and in turn earning interest on the crypto in exchange for the service.

You Want It We Got It

You want exposure to the hottest growth sectors for the rest of the decade? Great, we got you. Interested in the top DeFi projects, maybe the metaverse tickles your fancy or you just want exposure to the top 10 crypto tokens on the market today? We have the perfect portfolio just for you. You can choose from a set of already configured portfolios or create your own! Whether you create your own or use one of our premade one’s you’ll enjoy the same stellar benefits:

Our Ready-to-Use Portfolios:

  • Select ready-to-use portfolios constructed based on clear parameters. Know exactly what you’re getting into before getting into it.

Automatic Rebalancing:

  • Enjoy automatic rebalancing instead of making trades yourself. Ensure you maintain a proper allocation. Don’t get over-exposed to heavily correlated coins or projects.

Taxes (Yuck- but we’ll make it easy)

  • Don’t sweat it. We’ll easily optimize your taxes. Our users will get a token that represents the assets and it will be traded only once on buy/sell orders, instead of every rebalance which drastically reduces the number of taxable events & saves you considerable costs.

Additional Interest:

  • Earn additional interest on the portfolio with yield farming solutions. We’ll find you highly vetted and reputable projects.

Clear Dashboard:

  • Get a consolidated view across your portfolio with a clear and easily understandable dashboard from a smartphone or computer

Velvet.Capital’s platform is operating on the cutting edge of the DeFi space and is being built with the future in mind. As DeFi grows the platform will adapt and grow with it. We’re already leading the charge by building a multi-chain protocol (we started with BNB Chain & here’s why). The future will be multi-chain and with Velvet.Capital you will be ready to benefit from that future. You won’t have to worry about changing platforms ever. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is what you’re going to do with all those #GAINZ you accrue. Every day the platform is going to be better than the previous.

The Future is Bright

Velvet.Capital is committed to being the #1 multi-chain digital asset management platform in the world. We will bring financial independence- free of intermediaries and centralized parties- to the next billion crypto users. We have come a long way and there is still much work to be done.
We are in the final stages of testing our prototype now and within weeks will be ready to launch our first iteration to the public. From there we will continue to add features and improve on our strong foundation. The next things we will be looking to do is to build out our cross-chain asset management abilities, list tokenized portfolios on DExes/ CExes and expand to other chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, etc.
2022 is going to be a huge year for Velvet.Capital. We have already grown so much in a short period of time but the sky’s the limit. You have a unique opportunity to be an early adopter and help create the DeFi platform of the future. Our early DeFi pioneers will have a chance to give us direct feedback and help to build out our project and community.

Join the DeFi Revolution Today!

Our Velvet Family is growing everyday and we would love for you to join us on this journey. We never forget the OG’s- help build the DeFi future with us! Early adopters will get the chance to become a member of the exclusive Velvet Founders Club.
If you sign-up now & follow all our socials you will be given a chance at exclusive access to an allotment of our governance token. If you love what we are doing share with a friend and let us know (you’ll get bonus points with us 😊).
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