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Velvet Community Marketplace: Invest — Earn — Learn

Velvet Community Marketplace: Invest — Earn — Learn

What is the Community Marketplace?

At Velvet.Capital, we are big believers in meritocracy. We don’t care where you’re from, who you know, what your name is, where you went to school, if you went to school. May the best ideas always win.
That’s why we’re building a crypto investment community for all the top crypto giga-brains around the world to come and showcase their ideas and strategies to the universe! Our one-stop-shop will allow users to share their ideas, shop around strategies, & pick the brain of & invest alongside crypto’s best and brightest!
Join your favorite influencer’s portfolio or find a hidden gem in the Community Marketplace. We don’t discriminate… may the best strategies win!

Our Newest Community Portfolios- But maybe you could be next?

Retain Custody of Your Assets

Not only do we want to make finding top-notch portfolio’s as simple as possible but we also allow you to retain total custody of your assets! We could promise you that we would never seize your assets but frankly, we couldn’t take your assets even if we wanted to. At Velvet.Capital, you’ll enjoy the full promise and protection of DeFi.
Atfer all, we know what can happen when you give up the custody of your assets to a centralized party… even if they ‘pinky promise’ to be altruist saints.
Unfortunately what happened to FTX users could happen to any number of centralized actors (sorry to those of you out there 🙁). We believe in the true promise of crypto.
A promise that lies in its permissionless, decentralized, and trustless nature. That starts with taking back control and ownership of your assets! Cryptoemerged as a response to the Great Financial Crisis & now all these years later it is time to leave CeFi in the past for good.

Are you the next Ray Dalio, Cathie Wood, or are you going to blaze your own path forward?

Showcase your crypto know-how to the world! Create a custom portfolio & if people invest along with you, you can earn a percentage of the fee we charge! The more people invest along with you, the more you can earn! That’s right, you can essentially be your own digital asset manager!
Reach out to us on Discord or Telegram & we can get you set up!

Now let’s take a look at the newest influencer portfolio on our Velvet Community Marketplace!

Two weeks ago, we launched our first Community Marketplace portfolio with @finfreewizard.
Now we are partnering with @investment_updates to be the newest influencer on the Velvet Community Marketplace!
Jay is one of the crypto giga-brains we were talking about earlier. He’s young, ambitious, has a passion for crypto, and wants to share his crypto investing strategy with the world! It might be a bear market but that’s where fortunes are made!

Meet Your Influencer

Jay has been creating Cryptocurrency Tik Tok content since February of 2021 and has gained a massive following because of the info he provides.
Jays following has grown because of the quality of content he provides to his community. Every investor in the cryptocurrency space talks about how they “buy low & sell high” but to do that you have to be disciplined & buy into high-quality projects when they are ‘on sale’ in a bear market. Easier said than done for most people but the only person stopping you is you!

BigCap Altoin Portfolio

Jay’s Goal: To accumulate his favorite altcoins in this bear market to be set up for good returns as we enter the next bull run.
Holdings: 20% ETH, 20% ADA, 20% MATIC, 10% BNB, 10% LINK, 10% ATOM, 10% FIL

Ethereum: ETH 20%

Second largest Cryptocurrency with a market cap of $152 Billion. ETH is the cryptocurrency that powers the Ethereum network, an open-source decentralized computing platform with smart contract functionality (why you can make dApps, DeFi Protocols, and NFT’s). ETH recently underwent “the merge” in September to become a Proof of Stake (PoS) Blockchain.

Cardano: ADA 20%

ADA is the native token of Cardano’s proof-of-stake blockchain. Cardano’s team has focused on creating a blockchain that was peer-reviewed and developed. Cardano is trying to redistribute power to the margins of society, with much of its focus going to bringing freedom to the developing world. ADA is currently the 5th most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap.

Polygon: MATIC 20%

Polygon is a Layer 2 Ethereum Scaling Solution that allows developers to create dApps with low transaction costs and solves the high gas fee problem on the Ethereum Blockchain. MATIC can be staked to earn additional yield and secure the Polygon Network. With a current market cap of $6.7 Billion, MATIC is the 7th most valuable cryptocurrency.

Binance: BNB 10%

BNB is the exchange token of the Binance Crypto Exchange. Originally it was launched as an ERC-20 asset on the Ethereum Blockchain but has now moved to the Binance Smart Chain (or BNB Chain). The BNB token gives owners discounted trading fees, and can be used for payments, and investing in new ICO’s on the BNB Chain. Currently, BNB is the 3rd most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap at $44 Billion.

Chainlink: LINK 10%

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to interact with real-world data and services. The goal of Chainlink is to provide security, efficiency, and transparency in business and social processes. LINK is the native utility token of Chainlink. LINK is used to incentivize the accuracy of data, keep contracts stable, and reward nodes for validating transactions. LINK’s current market cap is $3.1 Billion, making it the 17th most valuable cryptocurrency.

Cosmos: ATOM 10%

Atom is the native token of the Cosmos Hub. Also known as the “Internet of Blockchains,” Cosmos is a multi-asset distributed ledger. One of the main goals of the Cosmos team is to make development on the blockchain easier for projects. Another aspect of the Cosmos ecosystem is IBC (Interblockchain Communication), which makes communication between blockchains easier. ATOM is the native blockchain token of Cosmos and is used for Governance, staking, and securing the network. ATOM’s current market capitalization is $3 Billion and is the 18th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Filecoin: FIL 10%

Filecoin is a decentralized storage system. The project is decentralized and open-source, with governance coming from the community. FIL is the native token of Filecoin. On Filecoin, users can earn rewards by lending space to others or pay FIL to store data in the decentralized network. Filecoin currently has a $1.3 Billion market cap, ranking the project as the 29th largest cryptocurrency.
*market cap rankings based on time of writing and excluding stablecoins

Q&A with Jay

Q: What’s the biggest lesson people should take from the FTX collapse?

A: For the FTX situation, it‘s interesting to see that all projects that are going bankrupt or are struggling, are centralized institutions. The decentralized is not supposed to be centralized. PERIOD.

Q: What got you interested in cryptocurrency and DeFi?

A: What got me into crypto? I saw my friend making money trading Bitcoin. I then started research and fell in love with crypto and possibilities that go far deeper than BTC.

Q: What’s the biggest advice you’d give to Crypto newcomers?

A: My advice for newbies would be to put a very small amount into either BTC or ETH, the safest assets. This keeps you in the space and will get you to check prices and educate yourself. Once you educate yourself and understand what you invest in, spread out your portfolio

Q: What’s your favorite part of Velvet.Capital?

A: My favorite part about Velvet.Capital is seeing the portfolios of experienced traders and experts in crypto. Now you have a list of coins that experts like that you can start your research on and potentially invest with.

Q: What’s your favorite candy?

A: Snickers Ice Cream Bars.
(Good choice, Jay — we approve)

We make DeFi simpler and safer than ever before! Get started investing in your digital future in under 3 minutes!

Velvet.Capital is committed to bringing DeFi to the masses with a multi-chain DeFi protocol that helps users create crypto portfolios, indexes and other financial instruments incorporating modern portfolio theory and highly vetted yield farming to deliver additional yield potential — all in just a few clicks.
Individuals can access a Web3 native app for direct deposit and withdrawal and third party platforms can use Velvet.Capital’s SDK/API to create their own financial products, leveraging their DeFi-as-a-Service model.

Wanted: Next Up & Coming GigaBrain

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