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Velvet.Capital x Transak Integration Live Now!

Velvet.Capital x Transak Integration Live Now!

Greetings Velvet Underground!

We hope you’re weathering the storm that is the last few week’s in crypto. Our thoughts are with all the people impacted by this egregious betrayal of trust. Events like this remind us all that DeFi is the future. The true promise web3 lies in its permissionless, decentralized and trustless nature. At Velvet.Capital, we will build through any storm. Our commitment to you does not stop. We want your bag 💰to stay safe and grow 🚀.
We’re building the cross-chain DeFi asset management protocol of the future so anyone can create custom crypto portfolios, indexes, and many more products that benefit from additional yield from highly vetted yield farming solutions — in just a few clicks. Get the most out of your digital assets while still retaining custody!
Core to what we are doing at Velvet.Capital is simplicity, convenience and accessibility — as such we have just integrated with Transak to make funding your crypto portfolio easier than ever before!
For those unfamiliar, Transak is a wallet integration that supports transfers from fiat to crypto and back, via debit, credit, or bank transfer. Let’s do a quick walkthrough to get you started!

To add funds to start using Velvet.Capital, please follow the steps below:

1. To access your portfolios, go to
2. On the top right corner click “Connect Wallet.”
3. Follow the upcoming pop-up and select your preferred wallet type.
4. The wallet icon on the top right corner should read your address. Click the “Buy” button.
5. A popup will appear. Input your desired currency and value, payment method, and click “Buy now.” The funds will appear in your wallet (check the processing time).
6. And voila! You’re ready to start investing like a crypto pro.

Join the DeFi Revolution Today!

DeFi is going to allow people to take back control of their assets and create a more fair future — one where financial freedom will be attainable for all. We’re so excited about this transformation and happy to play our part in it. We hope you join us on this journey. We would love to have you in our community!

👇👇Don’t Be Shy Frens👇👇

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