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A Month in DeFi w/ Velvet.Capital (October)

A Month in DeFi w/ Velvet.Capital (October)

Salutations frens!

We bring some exciting news from the land of Velvet.Capital.
At Velvet.Capital we’re committed to building in public. We’re sticklers for transparency — what can we say, maybe it’s the DeFi talking! Now that we’re officially live, we thought it would be a good time to kick off a recurring monthly update for our kick-ass community of supporters! These will build on all of the weekly ones we’ve been publishing. Now let’s get to the good stuff!
Spoiler alert: Velvet.Capital is growing! Some might say it was a ‘GrOtober’ (control your laughter please ;) ). Seriously — October was a big month for us! We hit the ground running after launching our V1 and have been rapidly iterating, testing, and building out the core functionality. We’ve added a whole plethora of portfolios for our users to choose from and have continued fine-tuning our UI/UX. We also had the opportunity to continue our effort in introducing ourselves to the world by doing AMAs for the French, Italian, and Turkish BNB Communities and participating in a number of Twitter Spaces!
Not to bury the lead either but we also secured investment from Binance Labs. We were selected as 1 of 7 of over 700 to receive investment from the Binance Labs Most Valuable Builder Program! We also integrated with WalletConnect so now we can offer services to over 170 different wallet holders. We’ve also dropped plenty of dope medium articles you should check out here.
The journey is just beginning for us too! We have a lot of great stuff on the way. Keep your eyes peeled for our NFT launch, upcoming AMAs, more medium posts, and most importantly more growth.

Weekly Breakdown

October 24 — October 31

-Added rockstars to our business development squad and tech team!
-Dropped 2 medium articles:

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Newest & Hottest DeFi Investing Products

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Launched our first influencer portfolio for the Community Marketplace
-Talked all things Velvet & DeFi in BNBs weekly ‘DeFi Digest’ Twitter Spaces

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Early adopters and supporters will be rewarded! Token launch and NFT launch coming soon!
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