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Automated Crypto Portfolio’s for the DeFi Future

Automated Crypto Portfolio’s for the DeFi Future


A Company on a Mission

At Velvet.Capital our mission is to bring financial freedom- free of intermediaries and centralized parties- to the next billion crypto users. The vision is to be the #1 multi-chain platform to manage all of your digital assets. We want people to reclaim the custody of their assets and get the returns they deserve! The world is a better place when everyone has a fair shake at building the life they deserve. At Velvet.Capital we value people, fairness and transparency greatly.
Our multi-chain DeFi protocol helps people create crypto portfolios, indexes & other financial products with additional yield- right at the tips of their fingers. You can make your own or have one generated for you. The possibilities are endless. We utilize portfolio theory and yield farming to improve risk-reward profile & amplify your returns.
We provide a secure and intuitive platform for anyone — including: individuals, professional asset managers and treasury managers alike. We’ve purposefully tailored our platform’s UI/UX (user experience) to fit both professionals and retail users needs. We are committed to constantly improving our process so we can deliver the smoothest, most intuitive interface available so we can onboard the next billion users to the space. Not to mention we help to optimize and reduce your taxes — yippee! (more on that below, folks!)

What Makes us so Special

Our portfolios are entirely decentralized. Meaning they are managed on-chain by smart contracts so that you never lose custody of your assets! No big brother or big bank can seize what is rightfully yours. We operate as a multi-chain platform as well. We believe in a multi-chain future and want to position you for success. You will have broad market exposure across chains as they grow.
At Velvet.Capital we are dynamic and innovative so our portfolio’s need to reflect those traits. By going with Velvet.Capital you are ensuring you have an agile and diversified portfolio allocation that keeps up with the fast changing speed of the market & uncertainty that comes with investing. We can do as much or as little of the heavy lifting as you like but know we are always here to assist in any way necessary.
We got you covered on taxes as well! In the United States, every trade event is a taxable event ( even every rebalancing will trigger taxes). Our users will get a token that represents the assets and it will be traded only once on buy/sell orders, instead of every rebalance which drastically reduces the number of taxable events & saves you considerable costs.

Automated Crypto Portfolios:

Our Ready-to-Use Portfolios:
  • Select ready-to-use portfolios constructed based on clear parameters. Know exactly what you’re getting into before getting into it.
Automatic Rebalancing:
  • Enjoy automatic rebalancing instead of making trades yourself. Ensure you maintain a proper allocation. Don’t get over exposed to heavily correlated coins or projects. Limit your risk and take profits.
Taxes (Yuck- but we’ll make it easy)
  • Don’t sweat it. We’ll easily optimize your taxes. Our users will get a token that represents the assets and it will be traded only once on buy/sell orders, instead of every rebalance which drastically reduces the number of taxable events & saves you considerable costs.
Additional Interest:
  • Earn additional interest on the portfolio with yield farming solutions. We’ll find you highly vetted and reputable projects.
Clear Dashboard:
  • Get a consolidated view across your portfolio with a clear and easily understandable dashboard

The Journey is Just Beginning. Join Us.

This is just the beginning for Velvet.Capital and DeFi, the trip to the moon has just begun. It’s time to take back control of your assets and financial future. Join us on this journey and be part of the DeFi revolution.
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