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Velvet.Capital x Magic Link Integration

DeFi Investing Made Easy

DeFi can be hard — even for the most skilled Chad (or Chad-ette)! Users can be overwhelmed by countless options, confused by the complexity of protocols, and can often struggle to navigate solutions that are anything but user-friendly. As a result, people often get caught chasing the highest yield and get burnt when the token price tanks to zero.

The good news is that DeFi doesn’t have to be hard! Investing should be as safe and easy as possible. We’re building Velvet.Capital to make DeFi simpler & safer than ever before! We do this by helping you diversify across assets, ecosystems and yield farming solutions. 

We’ve launched digital products both in traditional finance & Web 3 and we want to leverage our experience to onboard the next billion users into DeFi. We believe in a future where DeFi transforms the financial system & empowers people to become financially independent!

Create a Non-custodial Wallet in Seconds

We just integrated with Magic. Magic is a web3 wallet that you can literally create at the click of a button. That’s right folks — instantaneous wallets! Simply put in your email address…and voila! This is a great option for folks new to web3 that might not have a wallet yet or even a degen who happens to value simplicity.

Guide: Creating a Magic Link Wallet 

  1. Go to and click “Connect Wallet” on the top-righthand corner.

2. Follow the upcoming pop-up and input your preferred email address under “Create Wallet.”

3. Check your email address, you should have received a verification email from Click the Login button within the email.

4. Voila! You’re finished. Now you can start investing in your digital future easier than ever before.

Velvet.Capital Weekly Gains

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Velvet.Capital is a cross-chain DeFi asset management protocol that helps people & institutions (DeFi-as-a-service) create tokenized index funds, portfolios, and other financial products with additional yields. Our customizable portfolios operate across chains & ecosystems to offer the broadest exposure on the market. We utilize modern portfolio theory & highly vetted yield farming to amplify your returns.

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