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Velvet.Capital: Exclusive Governance Token Airdrop

🚀🚀Velvet.Capital: Exclusive Governance Token Airdrop 🚀🚀

The Tease

We’re building a kickass product and platform that’s going to totally revolutionize the financial space. We’re going to be the #1 multi-chain platformin the world when it comes to managing your digital assets. If you join us now and sign-up early you can get in on the ground floor and help us on our journey to shake up finance forever.
If you sign-up now & follow us on Twitter & join our Discord you will be given exclusive access to an allotment of our governance token.

What’s All the Buzz About?

So at this point in time, you’ve probably heard the word DeFi thrown around quite a lot. It’s a space poised for a tremendous amount of growth over the next decade. However, like with any emerging trend, it can feel overwhelming to navigate. Sometimes it can feel like the Wild West out there- tokens with high yield can be super risky, the solutions and products can be too technical for regular users, the jargon can feel like a different language, etc. It's important to find solutions you can trust!
At Velvet.Capital you’ll find yourself a trusted partner for your DeFi solutions. We are creating a user-friendly, multi-chain DeFi platform that will allow for the creation of automated crypto portfolios (and other financial instruments) that utilize portfolio theory & yield farming. We’ll be able to offer clients diversified, thematic crypto portfolios with additional yield in just a few simple clicks.

Sounds pretty cool right? If you want exposure to Metaverse, DeFi-related projects (with more options coming) we can help you create automated portfolios with clear rules and parameters — just like that! We believe in a future where everyone can benefit from the financial system. Our mission is to bring financial freedom- free of intermediaries and centralized parties- to the next billion crypto users.

Benefits of Early Sign-Up

We’re a family at Velvet.Capital and we’re always looking to add to our community. If you join our whitelist early sign-ups list, we won’t forget it. We respect the OGs. In doing so you will be given access to exclusive perks and benefits as we roll them out onto our platform.
Some of those could be fee rebates, referral bonuses, raffles for fun SWAG, and other fun stuff but most importantly for your early commitment to us, we will give you a token allocation. We have set aside a pool of tokens to reward and encourage early adoption. The earlier you sign up with us, the higher number of tokens you will be allotted. Once you sign-up and deposit the required minimum you’ll be whitelisted for our airdrop. You mustn’t forget that in order to claim your reward you must follow our socials for the exact time of the drop. Don’t forget!
The longer you wait the allocation of tokens will decrease. So don’t sleep on this opportunity! Time is ticking friends!

Don’t forget to Vote on Dorahacks!

If you want to support what we’re building here at Velvet.Capital, please vote for us on DoraHacks. You can check out our latest demos from the hackathon on youtube here and here.

Please vote today! Voting completes on May 10th! :)

Here’s the signup link: Your Automated Crypto Portfolio
Don’t forget to join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter, Instagram,LinkedIn , & Telegram. The more the merrier. We want to hear from you, don’t be shy.
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