Create Your Crypto Portfolio

Get DeFi products with additional yield
What is Velvet.Capital
Tokenized crypto portfolios with additional yield:
Buy ready-to-use DeFi portfolios or create a new one
Enjoy automated rebalancing instead of making trades yourself
Earn additional interest with yield farming solutions
Security audit by
Decentralized (DeFi)
Portfolios are managed on-chain by smart contracts, we never hold your assets
Portfolios include assets across multiple projects and ecosystems to ensure the broadest exposure
Portfolios are customizable and regularly rebalanced to ensure target allocation & optimal yield
Why crypto portfolios
your returns
According to research by Yale economists and financial advisors, an optimal portfolio should include allocation to crypto for diversification
Be a part
of digital future
We believe that the future lies with new advanced protocols serving unique use cases, your portfolio should be ready to capture that upside instead of betting only on Bitcoin
Benefit from
early-stage exposure
According to Mark Cuban, the most prominent Silicon Valley investor, blockchain now is "like the early days of the Internet". Take advantage of early exposure to this new technology with a crypto portfolio
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What is coming next
Q1 2022
✓ Trading module integrated with DEXes (PancakeSwap)
✓ Portfolio creation and redemption mechanism
✓ Vault module integrated with Gnosis Safe
✓ First prototype with test portfolios
Q2 2022
✓ Dynamic price module
✓ Integration with yield farming solutions (Venus Protocol)
✓ Rebalancing module
✓ Upgraded UI/UX
✓ Integration with MagicLink for wallet creation
✓ Prototype on Polygon
✓ Fee module
✓ Test cases & security audit preparation
Q3 2022
✓ Prototypes on Cronos, Optimism, Gnosis Chain, Aurora and other EVMs
✓ Algorithmic portfolio rebalancing integration
✓ Security audit (by Peckshield & Shellboxes)
✓ Custom portfolio constructor (back-end)
✓ V1 mainnet launch
✓ Mobile UI (v1.1)
✓ WalletConnect integration

Q4 2022
Deposit with stablecoins and other assets
Additional yield farming integrations
Customizable fee module
Support for other EVMs
Additional functionality for asset & treasury mgrs
Additional structured products
Security audit and preparation for V2 release
Basic SDK

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